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  • Coronavirus Updates - Home Worship Services Going Forward

    Updated Sunday, April 5th

    “Social distancing does not have to equate to spiritual distancing.”

    - Pastor Eric Rivera

    As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, we are encouraging you to trust The Lord, be persistent in prayer, and continue to reach out to your faith family and friends.  During this time, The World needs The Church to be a light and we need each other to flourish;  we believe The Lord is in control. 

    As your church, we are committed to continuing to shepherd and desire for us to stay as closely knit as possible.

    To do this we are providing weekly worship guides complete with worship songs, a sermon, reference scripture and discussion questions. Please join us in continuing to worship the Lord as a church family. 

    View the worship guide for April 5th HERE

  • Joint Good Friday Service - April 10th - Livestream

    This Friday we will join together with several of our partnering churches for a joint Good Friday service, hosted by First Presbyterian Church - Trenton.

    The service will begin at Noon and will be livestreamed via Facebook & Youtube.


    Full Details Here

    We are also encouraging our Cornerstone Church family to fast together from either 9am to 3pm or 12pm to 3pm; representing the time Christ was on the cross. 

  • Mission Three - Intentional Evangelism During Coronavirus

    Last year we asked everyone to be more intentional about evangelism and gospel declaration. As a church, we think that this current pandemic is not a reason to stop intentional outreach, but is a unique opportunity for us to think creatively about how to reach out with the eternal hope of Jesus Christ during a time filled with uncertainty and fear.

    We’re relaunching our Mission Three campaign and inviting each of you to join in:

    1. Who are three people (or families) that you have a unique opportunity to connect with during this time? 
    2. How can you pray and connect with these people?
      • Reach out and ask how you can be praying for them.
      • Find unique and creative ways to check-in and bless each person God has laid on your heart.
      • Share sermons, worship guides and/or devotionals directly or via social media.  
    3. Let’s use the time that God has given us in our homes to pray and plan how we can consistently lift these people up to God.
  • Discipleship Groups Meeting During Coronavirus

    Discipleship groups will continue to meet via ZOOM (or Skype or FaceTime).  We need each other for encouragement, strength, laughs, gospel reminders, and emotional support. Group leaders will work with you to determine the right tool for your group.

    Sign-up for a Discipleship Group HERE.

  • Check-in Calls with Pastor Tyler

    The coronavirus has altered every area of our lives, but some realities still remain the same.  We still have spiritual struggles and we have a real enemy named Satan seeking to destroy us.  

    As your pastor, I am still committed to shepherding and providing spiritual care. I’m available during this time and I desire to serve.  I’ve set-up a schedule to provide time to talk, counsel, and check in virtually. Please don't hesitate to sign up. I’d love to discuss Scripture, provide counsel, or pray privately with you during this time.

    Set up time with Pastor Tyler HERE

  • Resuming Sermon Series: Mark - Son, Servant and Savior

    On Sunday,  March 1st, we resumed our series on the Gospel of Mark focusing on Christ as Son, Servant and Savior. The series will conclude on Resurrection Sunday. 

    Take a listen to the next installment of the series, "Real Recognize Real," HERE.